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שלד רך שמחבר בין החלקים השונים של הגוף והנפש
כדי לנוע ללא מכשולים אל היעד

Almost everyone has some inner issues which could be resolved by Collagen remedy.

Probably this is the reason that we had so many cured symptoms during the proving, which is unusual.


Here is the first official version of the Collagen proving conducted by Valentina Glik (myself) and Koby Nechusthan.


It doesn't refer to the degree of the symptoms.

This is future work that will be done in the future.


We are going to add Collagen cases as well and keep you updated on that.


So, you can register in the form below to receive the proving results and the future updates directly to your mail.


Good luck and please update us with your successful cases of Collagen-marine!

I'm sure you will have a lot!

Valentina Glik:

Koby Nechushtan:

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